Goal, objectives of the 5G Laboratory and its R&D&I priorities

Goal: Creating an experimental infrastructure suitable for researching 5G technology, testing applications and services based on 5G, and an open innovation laboratory. The objectives of the 5G Laboratory:

To conduct research on 5G technology, testing applications and services based on 5G research infrastructure, and to establish an open innovation laboratory. To develop, test, demonstrate 5G applications, services and solutions, and business exploitation of 5G use cases.

Teaching 5G technology, involving graduate and PhD students in the research and development of 5G applications.

Contribution to the realization of the goals of the 5G Coalition and the promotion of the Hungarian 5G ecosystem.

To help the 5G developments and innovation of businesses, with particular regard to innovation collaborations with SMEs.

Establishing extensive R&D cooperation with infocommunication companies, equipment manufacturers and telecommunications service providers operating in Hungary.

Involvement in EU R&D initiatives and programmes for 5G technology, participation in other international 5G R&D collaborations.

Cooperation with the vehicle industry proving ground in Zalaegerszeg, getting involved in the 5G research and development going on in ZalaZONE.

R&D&I priorities of the 5G Laboratory:

  • Virtual, extended, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR)
  • 5G telepresence
  • 5G-connected UAVs (Internet of Drones)
  • High resolution streaming video
  • Robotics, remote control of machines and tools
  • 5G for Industry 4.0, private 5G networks
  • Intelligent logistics
  • Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
  • 5G-based medical diagnostics és telemedicine
  • 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI)