The strategic cooperation of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Nokia Labs Hungary was initiated in 2020 establishing the BME - NOKIA 5G Research & Innovation Network. BME’s 5G experimental network is suitable for the latest radio technology research and the development, and testing of 5G applications and services. Based on Nokia’s easily scalable, private 5G platform, the network supervision is entirely controlled by the university. With the 5G test network, BME is the center of 5G R&D in the academic sector in Hungary and ready to collaborate with national and international enterprises engaged in telecommunications and development of 5G applications. Areas of research and application focus on virtual/augmented/mixed reality (VR/AR/MR), the Artificial Intelligence (AI),  a telepresence, the Internet of Drones, the Industry 4.0, the IoT, the remote medical diagnostics and telemedicina állnak.

5G technology

5G in industry and commerce
5G and consumers
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6G technology

5G technology has just started recently, but 6G is already in the spotlight of research, and in some developed countries 6G R&D programs have been already initiated. The most significant one is the Finnish 6G Flagship RD program.
The 6G Flagship program is a national R&D program of Finland, coordinated by the Oulu University collaborating with Nokia. The EU is also preparing for 6G technology and in the Horizon Europe R&D program - like the H2020 5G PPP initiative – launched the „Smart Networks and Services” (SNS) European Partnership Programme in 2022 with 900 million Euro funding.
In order to increase the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy, it is of high importance to establish the national 6G ecosystem and foster the connection of the Hungarian R&D institutions and innovative companies to the global and European 6G R&D programs.


BME 5G Laboratory

As part of the BME – Nokia 5G Research and Innovation Network, a 5G Laboratory was established in the room B236, Building Q to provide space for 5G use case developments, demonstrations, teaching and laboratory activities, and 5G innovations. The indoor 5G services are available in the 5G Laboratory and also in the adjacent corridors and experimental labs to support R&D, teaching and experimental activities of the students and the researchers. Using test SIM cards provided by Vodafone, besides to the indoor 5G network, the researchers can reach outdoor commercial mobile services as well.

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Németh Vilmos
Head of the 5G Laboratory
Hajós-Wisinger Borbála
5G Laboratory Associate